What is tree risk assessment? How do I know if the trees on my property are hazardous? What are the next steps in removing a hazardous tree?

These are all valid questions, and we’re here to answer them all! At Staunton Tree Service, our team consists of certified arborists who are knowledgable in tree health and assessment.

What is Tree Risk Assessment?

Tree risk assessments rely on identifying and assessing structural condition to assess failure potential. ‘Defect’ is the term we commonly use to identify a condition or characteristic that is structurally weak or contributes to a structural weakness.

What is a Hazardous Tree?

According to www.arborday.org, “A high-risk tree is one that has a structural defect that makes it likely that the tree or a significant part of it will fail and fall on someone or damage property. To look for high-risk conditions, inspect each tree systematically. Start by scanning the top, using binoculars if necessary. After reviewing the crown, look downward along the trunk, then carefully examine the root zone.”

If you have reason to believe a tree on your property is hazardous, give us a call! We will send our certified arborists to check your trees and provide an action plan.

What’s the Next Step in Removing a Hazardous Tree from my Property?

Call Staunton Tree Service today! After our certified arborists run their full assessment and deem your tree hazardous, we will provide an action plan. We have a variety of equipment including cranes to remove any hazardous trees from your property in a safe and effective way.