When storms hit our area often times trees see damage. Hopefully yours see nothing more than a few broken limbs that can be set out with the trash. Whether you have extensive downed limbs to clean up or  emergency tree work, Staunton Tree Service is uniquely positioned to help.

We own and operate our own crane! In the event of a fallen tree where standard equipment is just not enough we can schedule and perform emergency work without having to wait on a third party crane service. Since our crane is a regular part of our daily operation we are skilled at and very familiar with performing these tricky jobs.

If you have storm damage that you need help with, we will be there to do just that. Even before the storm hits, call us today at (540) 886-5577.


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    Reasons for Storm Damage Cleanup in Staunton, Virginia

    Storm Damage Cleanup Staunton, VA

    Much of the damage caused by storms comes to your trees. We often think of snow, ice and wind but trees can be damaged by lightening as well.  Most storms will result in broken limbs and minor damage but in extreme cases we deal with completely uprooted trees.

    Sometimes your trees are salvageable and with a little cleanup and proper pruning your trees can continue to live a long healthy life. There are even preemptive pruning steps we can take to help prevent damage in the event of a storm.

    Sometimes storms can cause damage to your trees that may not be obvious. We often see stress cracks and fractures on limbs that otherwise look normal while working after a storm. Call us today and we can perform an assessment and help your yard get back to normal.

    Storm Damage Cleanup Pricing

    When it comes to storm damage pricing, there can be a lot to consider. How much it really costs depends on what happened during the storm. Some of the things we look for before giving you a quote include:

    • Type of cleanup
    • Machinery needed
    • Team members needed
    • Risk and necessary mitigation practices
    • Scheduling

    In the case of a true emergency we often have to drop what we are doing and reschedule other work. We can work with you or directly with your insurance provider to take care of your emergency as quickly as possible. Contact us today and we will be able to discuss the price of your individual service. When a large storm hits our area most tree companies get inundated with calls. We do our best to service everyone as promptly as possible.

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    Storm Damage Cleanup in Augusta County

    When a storm strikes safety is our priority. At Staunton Tree Service, we have the equipment and manpower needed to tackle large jobs, small jobs, and anything in between.

    We serve all of Augusta County, including:

    • Staunton
    • Waynesboro
    • Stuarts Draft
    • Churchville
    • Augusta County
    • Fishersville
    • Greenville
    • Verona
    • Surrounding areas

    Along with all of the services listed above, we also offer:

    • Land Clearing
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Bucket Truck Services
    • Other Services on Request

    If a storm hasn’t hit yet, we can do our part before as well by taking your trees and doing a health or risk assessment.

    Even for new, healthy, strong, and high quality trees, some of the storms we get are enough to knock them down or cause a mess. Call us today to prepare for an impending storm or clean up from one.

    Give us a call today at (540) 886-5577 to get started.