Tree risk assessments in Staunton, VA are often times both complicated and productive. Having a risk assessment performed is a great way to identify and manage potentially hazardous trees on your property.

At Staunton Tree Service, we have all of the equipment, certifications, qualifications, and insurances that enable us to fully assess your tree and perform the necessary mitigation work.


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Do not put the health of your tree or the health of your family at risk, give us a call and we will schedule you for a tree risk assessment.

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    Reasons for Tree Risk Assessment

    Tree Risk Assessment Staunton, VA

    Trees are living organisms that can get sick and have structural defects. Identifying these potential issues and determining what level of risk they pose to life and property can be very helpful. Even a sickly tree may pose little risk if it is not close to a home or heavily trafficked area. These are all factors we can look at to determine what if any action needs to be taken with your trees.

    Most people only think to have an assessment after they realize that something isn’t quite right. Things like broken limbs, a strange growth habit or leaning, or leaf discoloration are all obvious signs of a potential issue.

    The only way to really know what is going on with your trees and if the truly do pose a risk is to get a professional tree service company to look over them from root to tip.

    We will analyze your trees and if anything comes up, we are then able to take actions to reduce the risk. In many cases, we are able to save your tree.

    Tree Risk Assessment Pricing

    Tree risk assessment isn’t something that is going to break the bank, instead it is designed to save you money on future costs that could have been avoided. However, as we assess your trees, we aren’t just using our eyes. Depending on how in depth we need to get with your assessment we may need to send off samples to be analyzed or perform some level of in tree assessment.

    Your individual cost will depend on a few different things, including how many trees you have, what tools we need to use, and then the remediation costs, if you choose to go down that road.

    Most of the time a less in depth assessment can be performed in the form of a free estimate for work we suggest be performed to reduce the risk on your property. To provide a more detailed analysis separate from a quote for work to be performed we will charge a fee based of time and costs involved in your assessment.

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    Put Your Mind at Ease with Tree Risk Assessment

    Tree risk assessment isn’t just a good thing to do, in many cases, it can identify hazards and prevent a disaster. At Staunton Tree Service, we want to help you stay as safe as possible.

    Whether that means we give you an all clear, or we perform mitigation work on your trees, we help to ensure that your trees and home are safe.

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