Tree removal is one of the biggest requests we receive from the Staunton, Virginia and Augusta County community. This is because we do have quite a large number of older trees in our area. At Staunton Tree Service, we love taking care of your trees but when the time finally does come, we are here to safely take them down.

We see trees as gorgeous living things, but we also know that if they are allowed to stand when they are no longer healthy and structurally sound, they can be dangerous.

By using the professional arborists on our team, you know that your tree will be safely and efficiently removed from your yard. Sure, it can be a complex job, but when done with the proper tools and skill, it can be quite efficiently.


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    Tree Removal Options

    Tree Removal Staunton, VA

    Trees have to be removed for all sorts of reasons: they can be sick or dead, put your home or life in danger, have a desease and countless other reasons. Sometimes a tree detracts form the landscape, has grown to big for its space or is simply to crowded by others. Maybe you have a new plan for that part of your yard?

    Problematic trees won’t only cause a problem where they stand, but could affect the surrounding property as well. If you have trees that concern you, or even ones that you just expect could be an issue in the future, contact us today and we will asses the tree and provide a quote for removal, if that is the best course of action.

    There are many options when choosing to remove a tree. We can offer a turnkey service that includes the full removal of the tree, brush and wood followed by grinding the stump and hauling off the shavings. If you prefer we can simply get the tree on the ground safely and leave the cleanup for you. Often there is a middle ground that balances cost and work performed to get you the best value from our service.

    Choosing the Right Tree Company

    When choosing a company to take down your trees always remember to check for the following items.

    • Licensed to operate in their locality
    • Liability Insurance
    • Workers compensation Insurance
    • Experienced ISA certified arborist
    • Check online reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

    At Staunton Tree we check all of those boxes and are always happy to provide proof of current insurance. We also have a safety program in place with weekly safety meetings and pre-work job site inspections. We perform regular equipment maintenance and certifications. We follow all OSHA and ANSI Z133 tree care industry safety standards.

    Tree Removal Pricing

    Your first step toward getting a tree removed from your property is to give us a call. We will come to your home and evaluate the tree. If we determine the tree needs to go we can give you a quote for removal.

    Our prices will depend on a lot of different factors, including, the overall scope of the project, size of the tree or trees, the equipment and personnel required, accessibility and so much more. When providing an estimate we will take all of these factors into consideration and determine the best way to approach your project.

    Many times we are able to use our specialized equipment to perform large removals more efficiently than other companies in our area. As a result we are able, in some cases, to be very competitive with our pricing. Where most companies use a bucket truck or climber we have these capabilities and more.

    We have our own 27.5 ton swing cab crane and NCCCO certified operator. Another fun piece of equipment we have is called a spider lift. It will fit through a 36″ gate and reach 101′ high and 48′ sideways. Our “whole tree chipper” is able to chip trunks up to 21″ and has the crushing power to break off tree limbs without the need for us to pre-cut. These tools and skills give us a distinct competitive advantage.

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    Your trees are a part of your daily life, we know it can be difficult to part with them. However, when a tree presents a substantial risk to life or property it may need to come down.

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    Along with all of the services listed above, we also offer:

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    • Other Services on Request

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