When we remove trees in Augusta County, people often ask us to get rid of the stumps as well.  Why?  Well, stumps left behind can be an eyesore.  Many people are removing a tree to make room for a garden bed or other landscaping and a stump can get in the way.

At Staunton Tree Service, we offer stump grinding to the August County area, and we do it safely and efficiently. Stump removal is something homeowners occasionally do on their own. You can rent a small grinder at a local rental store and spend a weekend working on stumps. Often times this results in a long hard weekend of grinding and shoveling.

By the time you factor the cost of rental and a lost weekend you will probably be surprised at how affordable stump grinding can be. Save your weekends for family and fun, leave your stump grinding to us!  Call us today and we will gladly give you a free estimate for the project.


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    Reasons for Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding Staunton, VA

    Stumps can be unsightly and inconvenient, this is probably the biggest reason people get rid of them. Extra time to mow and trim around a stump can be annoying as can the uninvited guest that sometimes come to live in them, insects, termites, etc.

    Sometimes a tree is removed for an addition to a home, install a storage shed or perhaps a new fence. In any of these instances, if the stump is in the way it needs to go.

    Stump Grinding Prices

    Stump grinding is one of the easier jobs to give you a very accurate estimate for. With that being said, we do not have a “one size fits all” pricing for our stump grinding. A lot of what we charge has to do with the size of the stump, access for equipment, slope, and other factors.

    We offer several options when grinding a stump. Every stump and yard is different and while a simple “grind and go” works in most cases there are other issues that should be considered.

    Some of these include:

    • Are there underground utilities nearby? We ALWAYS have MISS utility mark before we grind stumps, it is the law. Be very wary of any company that says they can grind your stumps “today”. Having your yard marked for utilities typically takes 72 hours and is something we take care of for you once you decide to use us for your stump grinding needs.
    • Has the ground swelled with mulch/soil/roots surrounding the stump? Does this whole raised area need to be ground?
    • Are there major surface roots running away from the stump or elsewhere in the yard? Should we grind every last one, just the really big ones that would be a problem for a mower or should we just do the stump and leave the surface roots?
    • How deep should we grind? Are you planting a new tree in its place, if so we need to grind out all of the old stump material so that there is room to plant the new tree. Going back to grass? Usually 6″ is plenty deep to put back soil, seed and straw for new grass.

    When grinding your stumps there are several options we offer:

    1. As mentioned above we can simply “grind and go”. This is the least expensive option as we do no cleanup. We leave the shavings where they lay for you to clean up. If you are planning on using them as mulch or compost this can be a great option since you will be moving them to their final destination anyway.
    2. An option that allows you to be more hands off is for us to put the shavings back in the hole and clean up. Depending on the size of the stump this may leave a mound of shavings where the stump was. This mound will decompose in time and usually ends up about level with the surrounding ground. With very large stumps this can be impractical as the mound can be 3x the size of the original stump.
    3. Finally, we can haul the shavings off for you. Depending on the size and location of the stump this can add significant expense. When there are a lot of shavings we sometimes have to bring separate equipment to load and haul them off. Once this is done you can fill the hole with soil and plant grass. Unfortunately we do not have a vacuum big enough for stump shavings so we will not be able to get every last shaving. We will however make sure that the hole is concave with plenty of room for new soil.

    Give us a call to schedule a consultation and we can discuss these options and provide a firm quote on your project.

    For tips on how to hire a tree service company that you can trust, check out these qualifications here. We are more than happy to prove that we fit them.

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    It doesn’t matter what size stump you have in your yard, it is probably getting in the way and taking away from what could be a beautiful space. Call or fill out the form above and we can discuss your options and give you a firm quote on your stump or stumps.

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