Staunton Tree Service has the equipment and skills needed to provide high quality tree trimming and pruning to the Augusta County area. Trimming and pruning your trees on a regular basis can keep them healthy and allow them to grow stronger, last longer, and provide you with a better overall landscape experience.

When choosing a tree company, especially for pruning, always make sure there is an ISA certified arborist on staff. Improper cuts can open your tree up to disease, pests, and a host of other problems that can eventually cause your tree to decline or even die. You need a team who knows how, when, where, and why to make a cut.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. We will help you determine how best to meet your goals for your trees, yard and landscape. We can usually provide several options and solutions to fit your specific needs and budget.


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    Reasons for Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

    Tree Trimming & Pruning Staunton, VA

    Many yards and landscapes have beauty largely masked by overgrown trees. Aren’t getting as much sunlight as you could, limbs close to or touching the house, leaves in the gutters? Sometimes there are even bigger problems – the branches are hanging over your pool or car, they are touching electrical wires, or they are getting weighed down by ice.

    Proper tree trimming and pruning can solve many of those problems and even prevent future issues. It can help change the direction that a tree grows, change the amount of shade that your yard gets in one particular area, make your yard safer, and help reduce the risk of disease.

    Do the right thing for your trees and yourself, call us today at (540) 886-5577.

    Tree Trimming and Pruning Pricing

    There are many things we look at when pricing a tree pruning job. First we like to walk your property and listen to your goals and desires. Then we can look at the structure, shape and health of your trees and their surroundings to determine what would be best for the trees. We can then combine what is best for the trees with what needs to happen to meet your goals.

    Once the scope of your project is decided, there are several factors that will play into our pricing.

    Some of the factors we consider are:

    • Size of the trees
    • Equipment needed
    • Complexity of the job
    • Structures surrounding trees
    • Ease of access

    As soon as you reach out to us, we will schedule an assessment and give you a firm quote based on what we actually have to do to complete your project.

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    Quality Tree Trimming in Staunton

    Leave the tree trimming and tree pruning to the professionals. You don’t want to hurt yourself nor do you want to hurt your trees. At Staunton Tree Service, we have a team of well trained workers who love caring for trees. We are ISA certified and carry both liability and workers compensation insurance.

    We will give you the best results in all of Augusta County, including:

    • Staunton
    • Waynesboro
    • Stuarts Draft
    • Churchville
    • Augusta County
    • Fishersville
    • Greenville
    • Verona
    • Surrounding areas

    Along with all of the services listed above, we also offer:

    • Land Clearing
    • Plant health care
    • Bucket Truck Services
    • Other Services on Request

    Give us a call today at (540) 886-5577 and we will send you a free estimate for tree trimming and pruning.