Blue Spruce Trees in Staunton Looking Unhealthy? This Could Be Why

Almost every blue spruce tree in the Staunton, VA, region is either infected or susceptible to a fungal disease called Rhizosphaera Needle Cast. If you've observed your blue spruce [...]

What You Need to Know About Bradford Pear Trees Around Staunton, VA

Bradford Pear trees, known for their beautiful spring blossoms and vibrant fall foliage, have become a common sight in landscapes in Staunton, VA, and in surrounding areas. However, their [...]

Which Mushrooms are Bad Around My Trees?

It's a common belief that mushrooms indicate healthy soil, but the reality is more nuanced. While certain types of fungi can indeed enhance soil quality and benefit trees, others [...]

Maple Tree Diseases in Staunton, VA

Maple trees are common additions to yards and landscapes in Staunton, VA, and surrounding areas. However, there are several types of pests and specific maple tree diseases that can [...]

The Most Common Reason Oak Trees Decline in Staunton, VA

One of the primary culprits responsible for the decline of oak trees in the Staunton, VA, area is Hypoxylon Canker, a fungal disease that targets oak trees specifically. If [...]

Do Wood Chips Make Good Mulch?

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, the choice of mulch plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy and thriving plants. Among the diverse options available, wood chips have [...]

Why is My Pine Tree Dying in Staunton, VA? Common Causes & Tree Diseases to Look For

Pine trees are an iconic part of the Staunton, VA landscape, adding beauty and character to our region. But, what do you do when you notice your pine tree [...]

Tree Risk Assessment: Everything You Need to Know

What is tree risk assessment? How do I know if the trees on my property are hazardous? What are the next steps in removing a hazardous tree? These are [...]

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